Exchange 2010 SP2 RU5 installation issues

Because installation of Rollup 5-v2 for Exchange 2010 SP2 sometimes can be painful, we present list of tips how to install RU5 for Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2.

First read  KB 2785908

Don’t use WSUS to install Rollup 5. Just download it manually from Microsoft Download Center.

Before installation of Rollup 5-v2 make sure you don’t have installed  KB2506146 and KB2506143. Uninstall them.

Backup your customized Outlook Web App files. Rolllup will updates the Outlook Web App files if they are required and any customizations of logon.aspx file will be overwritten.

When you install this update RU5 on computer without internet connection, you may experience long installation times. To install fast clear the Check for publisher’s certificate revocation in the Security section of Internet Option (IE).

if you have deployed CAS-CAS proxying,please apply the update rollup on the Internet-facing Client Access servers before you apply the update rollup on the non-Internet-facing Client Access servers


Update Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010 SP2 removed from Microsoft Download


Finally Mircosoft saw that something wrong is with last release update for Exchange 2010 SP2 – Rollup 5. After released Rollup 5 lot of people inform about problems with DAG and DC after installation of Rollup 5.



You can find lot of informations on forums and blogs about issues caused by Rollup 5 fo Exchange 2010 SP2, but Microsoft didn’t confirmed them.

We have wrote about errors in Exchange 2010 SP2 environments after installation Rollup 5.

Unfortunately, it seems that Microsoft has not tested the “exact” Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010 SP2 and now after many information on forums and blogs about the problems that occur when you install this update, decided to remove a download page where you can download Rollup 5.
However, the description of the changes makes installing Rollup 5, nothing has changed, there has been no information about it, no information don’t install it now wait few days for new version or information that Rollup causes some problems.

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Exchange 2010 SP2 Error after upgrading to Rollup 5


Unfortunately last update released by Microsoft for Exchange 2010 SP2 (Rollup 5) causes many issues with Exchange DAG.

After installation of Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010 SP2 you will receive EventID 4999 in Event Log and also you won’t be able to run Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Status and the MSExchangeADTopology service started acting strangely.

Like we said first test this Rollup 5 in your test environments.

In Event Log you will find errors 4999 like below about watson:

Watson report about to be sent for process id: 792, with parameters: E12, c-RTL-ADM64, 14.02..0318.004 RemotePowershell, M Exchange Management 
M.E.C.R dagTaskHelper.GetServersInDeferredRecovery, System.TypeLoadException, 253d, 14.02.0328.005


and when you run below command:

Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAG01  -Status


you will receive error like below:


After uninstallation of Rollup 5 all errors goes away.

So for now we recommend do not install this rollup in production environment.