Exchange 2010 count mailbox mobile devices partnership

In Exchange Server environment where is a limit of ActiveSync partnership with mailbox.

When you reach this limit then you won’t be able to connect any new devices to the mailbox.

This limit is set in ThrottlingPolicy using parameter EASMaxDevices

To check current setting of EASMaxDevices, open Exchange Management Shell and run:

Get-ThrottlingPolicy | select name, EASMaxDevices, EASMaxConcurrency


As a result you will get all ThrottlingPolicies available in Exchange environment and how many mobile devices can you connect to the mailbox, and also using EASMaxConcurrency you will see how many connections in one time can be accepted to the mailbox.



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Devices with iOS 6.1 cause Exchange excessive transaction log growth

apple_wormNew upgrade for Apple devices like IPhone or IPad to iOS 6.1 can couse Exchange Admins headache.

With new version of iOS (iOS 6.1) we have new problems, users connecting to Microsoft Exchange mailboxes using mobile devices with iOS 6.1 can generate excessive transaction logs.

This is caused by syncing mail and calendar services, devices with iOS 6.1 seemed to go into a loop and ended up by generating some 50GB of transaction logs.

This situation can be dangerous for Microsoft Exchange server, because when free space for transaction logs will end, then Exchange will dismount mailbox database.

Upgrading Apple devices to new iOS to fast is not recommended.

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Exchange 2010 remove mobile device Error The ActiveSyncDevice Cannot be Found

When you are trying to remove or wipe mobile device connected to mailbox, you can get error like below:

The ActiveSyncDevice Cannot be Found

You will get this error when you are trying to remove mobile device which were connected to user mailbox, and after user account was moved to other OU in Active Directory.

It’s caused because EMC can’t find “path” to old mobile device.

You can easly check this using two powershell commands:
If you run CMDlet Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics for some mailbox like below:

Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -mailbox JSmith | select DeviceId, Identity

you will get:

DeviceID                 Identity
--------                 --------
androidc1640524549       domain.local/Users/Test1/Smith John/.....
androidc2040902280       domain.local/Users/Test2/Smith John/.....

next try to run CMDlet Get-ActiveSyncDevice for the same mailbox:

Get-ActiveSyncDevice -Mailbox JSmith | select DeviceId, Identity

you will get:

DeviceID                 Identity
--------                 --------
androidc1640524549       domain.local/Users/Test2/Smith John/.....
androidc2040902280       domain.local/Users/Test2/Smith John/.....

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Windows Phone 8 sync issue with Microsoft Exchange Error code: 80070057

When you have Geek users and they have mobile phones (devices) with Windows Phone 8, some of them can have problems with syncing mailbox with device.

During synchronization Windows Phone 8 device with Microsoft Exchange using Microsoft ActiveSync synchronization can fail and user can get following error:

We’re having a problem synching your information. Try again later.
Last tried x seconds ago.
Error code: 80070057

Mailbox is not snchronized to the device.

This error is caused by mailbox folder which conatins an ASCII code that is smaller than 32  for example, a tab, a carriage return line feed (CRLF) break, or a new line.

As a workaround you can use one or both of the following methods:

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