Office 365 Network Analysis Tool from Microsoft

Finally Microsoft released tool to check your internet connection for Office 365.

Long time ago we had but this tool has not been available for many months now.

But now we have new tool:

Office 365 Network Analysis Tool.

This tool is web-based and can check:

  • port connectivity
  • route paths between the client and tenant
  • bandwidth speed and capacity test
  • VoIP readiness


This tool can be found at:

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Lync Online new reports for your business

Micorosft Lync Online team released new three usage reports for Microsoft Lync Online.

They are integrated with Office 365, and you can find them in Admin Center, reports.

These reports shows usage of Lync Online services like below:

Active users – The number of users who have signed into Lync and took part in a P2P session or conference during a reporting period.




Total audio or video minutes - Total audio or video minutes during a reporting period

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Office 365 donation program for nonprofits

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the global availability of Office 365 for Nonprofits for qualifying nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) through its software donation program. The donation is available immediately in 41 countries around the world and for up to 90 countries by July 2014.


Office 365 for Nonprofits provides nonprofits and NGOs with access to Microsoft’s always up-to-date Office cloud service, tailored to the needs of nonprofits through the following benefits:

  • Ability to access information from virtually anywhere. Office 365 for Nonprofits increases an organization’s ability to work from virtually anywhere with access to documents and files from Office applications optimized for use across PCs, smartphones and tablets.
  • Easy collaboration. Nonprofits are able to work together easily across an organization by using familiar Office applications with email, shared calendar, document sharing and videoconferencing.
  • Easy IT implementation. Office 365 for Nonprofits includes access to easy-to-use administrative controls and the ability to install Office without uninstalling previous versions.
  • Reliability and up-to-date technology. Office 365 for Nonprofits allows organizations to spend less time on IT maintenance, while providing access to always up-to-date technology that is simple and easy to use. And Office 365 for Nonprofits is backed by industry-leading security features and a 99.9 percent financially backed uptime guarantee.


Below you can find table with available Office 365 Nonprofits:

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Exchange Online mailbox sizes are doubling

Those of you who use Exchange Online or Office 365 are lucky.

Yesterday 08/29/2013 Office 365 technology blog informed that size of all mailboxes in all Exchange Online and Office 365 service plans is doubling !!!!

Current mailbox size was 25GB, but since yesterday it’s 50GB and there’s no price
increase associated with this change.!!!

This new mailbox size should stisfy even most active email users.


You don’t need to do anything to take advantage of this new mailbox size.
Your mailbox size will automatically be increased.
The increase starts rolling out to customers yesterday and continues through November.

Also shared mailbox size limit is increased to 10GB.



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Mobile OWA for IPhone and Android

In AppStore and Google Store you can find Mobile OWA for your mobile devices.

Mobile OWA for IPhone was available for few weeks, but for Android it’s quite fresh.

After installation of Mobile OWA you can easily get access to your mailbox like using OWA on desktop computer.

With Mobile OWA you can access to all mailboxes where you have full access rights.

If you are using few mailboxes it’s better than Active Sync where you can use only one default mailbox


owamobile1owamobile2  owamobile3

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