Microsoft Outlook cannot change the default folder names using ResetFolderNames

When you:

  • connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 mailbox by using Microsoft Outlook.
  • use the English UI in Outlook, so the default folder names (such as Inbox or Sent Items) are displayed in English.
  • install a new language pack for Outlook, and then you change the Outlook UI to the new language.
  • restart Outlook by running the Outlook.exe /ResetFolderNames command to reset the default folder names to the new language.

then folder names in Outlook are not changed to the new language.

To change language you need to use one of those methods:

In Exchange Management Shell run:

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Exchange 2010 OWA Help url change

If you have your own website where help files are located, then you can change OWA Help url to point to this website.

Then users will use yours help documents published by Helpdsk.


By default OWA Help url opens website:


To change OWA Help URL you need to run EMS and then type:

Set-ExchangeAssistanceConfig -OWAHelpURL "http:\\mywebsite\owahelp.html"


You can easly change others urls used in Exchange environment like: ControlPanel, OWA, Windows Live Account etc.


To get list of all of those links, use command:




Mobile OWA for IPhone and Android

In AppStore and Google Store you can find Mobile OWA for your mobile devices.

Mobile OWA for IPhone was available for few weeks, but for Android it’s quite fresh.

After installation of Mobile OWA you can easily get access to your mailbox like using OWA on desktop computer.

With Mobile OWA you can access to all mailboxes where you have full access rights.

If you are using few mailboxes it’s better than Active Sync where you can use only one default mailbox


owamobile1owamobile2  owamobile3

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Exchange 2010 list connections to OWA

If you want to get to know how your users are using OWA to connect to mailboxes you can use following two solutions.

In any environment where Microsoft Exchange OWA service is enabled for user mailboxes, we can check how many users actually use OWA access through their mailboxes.

The first solution presents how to check the number of current connections to the mailbox using OWA.

For this purpose, we need to run this script by calling the Get-CASActiveUsers for all servers that provide OWA connections, so mostly for all CAS servers.


Following script will list all current connections to OWA and RPC on CAS servers:


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Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 OWA and Outlook Anywhere error HTTP 440 – 440 response was received from Unknown

After installation of Service Pack 3 for Microsoft Exchange 2010 some of you can expirience problem with remote connectivity to Microsoft Exchange.

When you run OWA or Outlook Anywhere you can get error like below:

HTTP 440 – 440 response was received from Unknown


You will see this problem on CAS servers where you have enabled HTTP Redirection in IIS on Exchange web sub directories like:

  • OWA,
  • RPC,
  • EWS,
  • Autodiscover

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