Exchange 2010 SP2 RU5 installation issues

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Because installation of Rollup 5-v2 for Exchange 2010 SP2 sometimes can be painful, we present list of tips how to install RU5 for Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2.

First read  KB 2785908

Don’t use WSUS to install Rollup 5. Just download it manually from Microsoft Download Center.

Before installation of Rollup 5-v2 make sure you don’t have installed  KB2506146 and KB2506143. Uninstall them.

Backup your customized Outlook Web App files. Rolllup will updates the Outlook Web App files if they are required and any customizations of logon.aspx file will be overwritten.

When you install this update RU5 on computer without internet connection, you may experience long installation times. To install fast clear the Check for publisher’s certificate revocation in the Security section of Internet Option (IE).

if you have deployed CAS-CAS proxying,please apply the update rollup on the Internet-facing Client Access servers before you apply the update rollup on the non-Internet-facing Client Access servers


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2 Responses to Exchange 2010 SP2 RU5 installation issues

  1. Jim Kuterbach says:

    I have installed RU5 V2 on all our exchange servers but the customer wants to roll back to ru4 v2 because of EWS issues. I have uninstalled RU5 V2 from all servers with the hub role only. But when I go to uninstall from a server that has the Hub,Cas,MBX role it tells me it cannot find exchangeserver.msi I have the RU4 V2 msp file available. I have seen all the articles about the execution policy but they haven’t helped. Any additional advice would be appreciated.

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