Microsoft Outlook cannot change the default folder names using ResetFolderNames

When you:

  • connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 mailbox by using Microsoft Outlook.
  • use the English UI in Outlook, so the default folder names (such as Inbox or Sent Items) are displayed in English.
  • install a new language pack for Outlook, and then you change the Outlook UI to the new language.
  • restart Outlook by running the Outlook.exe /ResetFolderNames command to reset the default folder names to the new language.

then folder names in Outlook are not changed to the new language.

To change language you need to use one of those methods:

In Exchange Management Shell run:

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Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.0 only in OffCAT

Yesterday Microsoft announced that Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.0 will be replaced by tool OffCAT.

The OffCAT tool provides all of the same functionality as the OCAT tool, but it also allows you to scan more Office programs (Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word)


Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.0 (OCAT)




New tool you can download here:

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Microsoft Outlook won’t open add-ins problem


If we are trying to run Microsoft Outlook without success, we can check add-ins used in Outlook

Try to run Microsoft Outlook in safe mode like below:

Outlook.exe /safe


If Outlook will start in safe mode, go to Add-ins options and disable any 3rd party add-ins you see:

  • On the File tab, click the Options category
  • Click Add-ins
  • Select COM Add-ins from the Manage box, and then click Go
  • Click to clear the check box for any add-ins that you want to disable
  • Click OK, and then restart Outlook


If it doesn’t help, follow this article:

Outlook 2010: How to troubleshoot crashes in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.0 (OCAT)

If one often meets with problems with Microsoft Outlook, we recommend the Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer.
This tool is intended for the diagnosis supported by the Outlook profile, the profile and supported box are analyzed for the presence of common configuration problems that cause the functionality of Outlook.

The result of Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer is a detailed report containing information on the box and the profile of which highlighted the problems found in current configuration.

OCAT works with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, both versions of the 32 bit and 64 bit.
Microsoft recently released a new version 2.0 in the OCAT added functionality such as:

  • automatic update of the rules – if Microsoft published the new rule will be informing of the incompatibility of certain settings, it is automatically downloaded
  • automatic update tool
  • built-in tool CalCheck
  • Improved support for Outlook 2003
  • the ability to run the tool in cmd: OCATcmd.exe

OCAT can be downloaded here: Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.0


OutlookTools good tool to configure settings

If someone needs a nice free tool to configure settings for Microsoft Outlook, not knowing where to find the settings we recommend OutlookTools utility.
They can be downloaded from:

With the graphical interface of this tool, we can make modifications in Outlook, which normally we would do in the Windows registry or in the settings of the Outlook.

This tool enables us, inter alia:

  • easy access to Outlook settings
  • change the folder where the data is stored in Outlook
  • configured to run Outlook with various switches, which we wrote here: Outlook – switches
  • unlocking attachments
  • Setting a new message alerts
  • a few other things

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Outlook command-line switches

Microsoft Outlook has a whole range of switches that can be used at startup to help diagnose problems with Outlook or use them in scripts.
In this way we can determine how to run Outlook, determine what you want to run the program, which profile, and what settings.

To run Outlook with the appropriate switch run the Run dialog then type outlook.exe, and the switch, the case does not matter.


Available switches

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