Mobile OWA for IPhone and Android

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In AppStore and Google Store you can find Mobile OWA for your mobile devices.

Mobile OWA for IPhone was available for few weeks, but for Android it’s quite fresh.

After installation of Mobile OWA you can easily get access to your mailbox like using OWA on desktop computer.

With Mobile OWA you can access to all mailboxes where you have full access rights.

If you are using few mailboxes it’s better than Active Sync where you can use only one default mailbox


owamobile1owamobile2  owamobile3


Unfortunately the application has it’s drawbacks, the first is paid but it happens, the second users with IPhones can use this application only with Office 365, but users with Android OS can use this applications with Office 365 and Exchange On-Permise

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4 Responses to Mobile OWA for IPhone and Android

  1. ziemek says:

    Any URL to Google Play? Because I see only 3rd party tool… And yesterday there is only info on Office Mobile for android (and nothing about OWA).

  2. ziembor says:

    But app above can work with Exchange on-permise or Office 365:

    Supports Microsoft Exchange 2007 Outlook Web Access and 2010 / 2013 Outlook Web App, 2003 is not supported.
    * Office 365 with Exchange 2010 / 2013 support may get interrupted or end without notice if Microsoft make changes on their end.
    For Ordinary Office 365, use web address:
    For Office 365 with ADFS login, use web address:, replace with your company’s email address domain.

    From other side – at iTune / AppStore I see only (which is only for Office 365 but free and provided by Microsoft).
    So — I’ve difficulties to understatement message of that news.

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