Exchange 2010 OWA Help url change

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If you have your own website where help files are located, then you can change OWA Help url to point to this website.

Then users will use yours help documents published by Helpdsk.


By default OWA Help url opens website:


To change OWA Help URL you need to run EMS and then type:

Set-ExchangeAssistanceConfig -OWAHelpURL "http:\\mywebsite\owahelp.html"


You can easly change others urls used in Exchange environment like: ControlPanel, OWA, Windows Live Account etc.


To get list of all of those links, use command:




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2 Responses to Exchange 2010 OWA Help url change

  1. Josh Bines says:

    “http:\\mywebsite\owahelp.html” won’t work sorry you should test before blogging :(

    • Remigiusz Szatkowski says:

      what exactly is not working ? Did you change help url address ? Did you publish your internal website with help ? In my environment it works.

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