iOS 6.1.2 fixes Exchange calendar sync issue

After many reports of problems with iOS 6.1 for Apple devices, with synchronizing calendar mailbox located on the Exchange server, Apple has finally released a new version of iOS 6.1.2.

We wrote about it here:

Devices with iOS 6.1 cause Exchange excessive transaction log growth


On website Support Apple we can read that, iOS version 6.1.2 improves error handling Exchange calendar, which could lead to increased activity in the network (synchronization), and reduced battery life.




This description is very superficial and does not mention that the “increased network activity” caused a rapid increase Exchange Transaction Logs that could cause dismount databases with mailboxes.

However it’s good that Apple finally noted that this problem occurred.

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iOS 6.1 and Exchange 2010 apid growth in transaction logs, CPU use, and memory consumption KB2814847

Finally Microsoft published article about problems with iOS 6.1 and Microsoft Exchange Server.


When user with mobile devices with iOS 6.1 syncs mailbox Microsoft Exchange Server resources are consumed, transaction logs growth becomes excessive, memory and CPU use may increase significantly,a nd server performance is affected.

You can read about it here:

Rapid growth in transaction logs, CPU use, and memory consumption in Exchange Server 2010 when a user syncs a mailbox by using an iOS 6.1-based device


Right now, Apple and Microsoft are investigating this issue. When they find any fix, it will be published as soon as it will becomes available.

If you have such problems in your Exchange environment you should open case with Apple Support.

Now Microsoft recommend only Workarounds:

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Devices with iOS 6.1 cause Exchange excessive transaction log growth

apple_wormNew upgrade for Apple devices like IPhone or IPad to iOS 6.1 can couse Exchange Admins headache.

With new version of iOS (iOS 6.1) we have new problems, users connecting to Microsoft Exchange mailboxes using mobile devices with iOS 6.1 can generate excessive transaction logs.

This is caused by syncing mail and calendar services, devices with iOS 6.1 seemed to go into a loop and ended up by generating some 50GB of transaction logs.

This situation can be dangerous for Microsoft Exchange server, because when free space for transaction logs will end, then Exchange will dismount mailbox database.

Upgrading Apple devices to new iOS to fast is not recommended.

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