Microsoft Lync 2013 TechEd NA 2013 online sessions

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Below you can find links to online sessions from TechEd 2013 North America.
All sessions are about Microsoft Lync Server 2013.


Microsoft Lync Hybrid Scenarios

Abi Maggu – This session examines the use of Microsoft Lync Online in a hybrid environment for user access, now possible with the release of Lync 2013 to Microsoft Office 365. For existing deployments, using Lync infrastructure already deployed, customers can easily expand their environment into Office 365. New deployments can also benefit by decreasing the on-premises Lync footprint and hosting users online. Benefits of using Lync Online in a hybrid configuration include being able to leverage global infrastructure to provide ease of access, a reduced on-premises server footprint, being able to consume cloud services at your pace, additional capacity on demand, and hosting users in highly available and secured datacenters. Lync Online through hybrid provides both a model for easy expansion and a model for cloud services at your own terms.

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Lync Server 2013: Getting the Most out of Monitoring Service Data

Nick Smith (UC), Scott Stubberfield – The collection of Lync monitoring service data role should be a required piece of every Lync server deployment, but are you really aware of the valuable data collected and how to use it in your daily operations? Move beyond the dashboard and learn how the data can become your most valuable asset. During this session we cover the following objectives: Understand what you data you can gather from the monitoring server reports, how you can use the data to answer deployment questions and assist in troubleshooting your environment. And, learn about tools that take you deeper into the data and beyond the built-in reports.

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Designing for High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Lync Server 2013

Marc Perez – Lync 2013 introduces a myriad of opportunities for driving user satisfaction by offering engineers and administrators the ability to publish highly available services and to more efficiently recover from outages. In this session we explore the design changes from previous versions and what these enhancements mean for design and implementation of a Lync 2013 solution.

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Migration and Coexistence with Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Justin Morris – Designing your Lync Server 2013 deployment, but unsure how to migrate from your existing Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 or Lync Server 2010 environment? In this session, learn about how to migrate both your servers and clients to Lync Server 2013 along with coexistence considerations during your deployment. Lync MVP Justin Morris covers migration from both Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and Lync Server 2010 including moving your Edge Servers and voice routing configuration. Migrating Group Chat? We’ve got you covered here also, with information on how to migrate your chat rooms and categories to the improved Persistent Chat feature in Lync Server 2013. Find out about client coexistence and new deployment considerations, web services publishing requirements, SBA migration and more!

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Enterprise Network Requirements for Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Bryan Nyce – In the middle of discussions on deploying Lync Server 2013, often times questions around the way Lync interacts with the network arise….How much bandwidth needs to be provided in the WAN for Lync audio, video and other types of traffic? How big should the “pipe to the Internet” be for Lync users? Will Lync need Quality of Service (QoS) and what kind of QoS? How can one guarantee that critical data is still be able to flow through the network while users are communicating using Lync? Can I prevent Lync from flooding my network with traffic? Come to this session to see how Lync Server 2013 interacts with enterprise networks, learn how to answer these and similar questions, and how to plan for your deployment.

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Lap Around the Microsoft Lync 2013 Developer Platform

Girija Bhagavatula, Albert Kooiman – Ever wondered how to integrate Lync capabilities inside your applications? This demo-heavy session focuses on explaining the new capabilities of Lync 2013 and which APIs can be used for which use case. Want to integrate with desktop apps, tablets, or mobile phones? This session should give a great overview of what can be done with the Lync developer platform.

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Planning and Deploying Your Enterprise Voice

Geoff Clark – This session discusses the best practices for planning and implementing Microsoft Lync Server 2013 as the successor to your PBX. Topics presented include: Choosing your project sponsors and building your business case. Developing a migration approach. Conducting a network assessment. Implementing the Lync Server 2013 voice integration components. Selecting the right Lync device mix for your users. Completing a successful pilot. Engaging for ongoing Lync Voice support. One of the biggest tasks of deploying Enterprise Voice involves understanding how existing requirements in the enterprise are satisfied with features in Lync Server and how they need to be accounted for in the planning process.

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Deep Dive into New Unified Communications Web API of Lync 2013

Girija Bhagavatula, Albert Kooiman – Real-time Web APIs are hot! Want to learn how to bring communications to web and mobile applications leveraging the APIs delivered by Lync (and a little bit of Skype)? Want to find out what can, and cannot yet be done using the new Microsoft Unified Communications Web API (UCWA)? Then this session is the one to visit! This session introduces you to some advanced topics of UCWA, like its design principles, how you can leverage the JavaScript Libraries that are available for download, how to enable consumer-to-business scenarios using anonymous logon and what other customer care scenarios can be enabled using the Microsoft communications platforms.

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Planning and Deployment for Edge Server with Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Bryan Nyce – In most Lync deployments, Edge Server is a crucial role: it facilitates not only access for remote users, but also enables communications with contacts of Federated companies and Public Instant Messaging services. This session addresses important planning consideration such as network (number of IP addresses, required ports, NAT), certificates, DNS, and high availability.

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Voice Interoperability Fundamentals

Francois Doremieux, Scott Johnson – Interoperability (with investments customers already have and those they plan for the future) is a fundamental tenet of the Microsoft UC strategy, from industry forums to design of interoperable solutions to protocol documentation to formal testing and qualification programs. This session provides an overview of the Microsoft strategy and a detailed discussion of Lync Interoperability in Voice and Video. At the end of this session, you’ll not only have a great understanding of the principles and scope of Lync interoperability efforts, but also how to practically approach Voice and Video deployment scenarios typically encountered by customers.

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Lync Server 2013 Dial Plan and Voice Routing Deep Dive

Geoff Clark, Bryan Nyce – Want to configure Lync for least cost calling while routing around failed gateways? Want to manipulate numbers sent to or received from gateways? Want to know what a PSTN Usage is really good for? Want to know how location-based routing works? This session drills down into the voice routing components of Lync Server 2013. Typical phone numbering considerations, an approach to voice routing design, and the appropriate best practices are covered.

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Mobile Devices Deep Dive with Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Geoff Clark – Lync Server 2013 includes significant infrastructure updates designed to support the new Lync mobile clients and their capabilities for voice and video. This session details the architecture, signaling, and media flow for this generation of Lync Server 2013 mobile clients and covers deployment guidelines to enable mobility and the Unified Communications Web API on Lync Server 2013.

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Scripting and Automation for Microsoft Lync

Kevin Peters – In this session, we examine common scripting methods to automate tasks for a Microsoft Lync Server 2013 environment. The discussions include tips and tricks on using Lync Management Shell, Windows PowerShell and other utilities to automate changes, test environmental configurations, or document configurations. The session also covers using common platforms to build user interfaces for scripts and capturing meaningful output in a usable, and actionable format.

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Network Design & Deployment Strategies for Lync 2013 EV Success

Manfred Arndt – Companies of all sizes are starting to embrace Microsoft Lync for Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) and PBX replacements. In this session learn about networking and WAN router design best practices, along with Lync migration strategies required to support interactive multimedia, including proper planning, QoS, resiliency and branch survivability. These are critical to ensure success and that your project doesn’t stall due to scalability or performance issues as you move from initial Lync Server 2013 pilots to a full-blown Enterprise Voice deployment.

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Introducing Lync Room System

David Goom – Lync 2013 introduces major enhancements for video and collaboration for desktop and mobile users. The experience in meeting rooms has not been as complete or easy to use… until now. Lync Room System is a native Lync solution for meeting rooms which makes meetings easy to start, easy to manage and easy to collaborate with remote attendees. Come to this session to see a demo and learn how to plan for, deploy, buy and use Lync Room Systems.

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All about Archiving with Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Jason Collier – See the new archiving features in Lync Server 2013 that allow for an improved deployment and operational efficiency in achieving compliance goals. We discuss step-by-step the integration options when using SQL for the data storage, as well as the new capabilities of using Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 for storage. We demonstrate the capabilities of federated Search when Exchange 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint 2013 are deployed together. We also discuss and demonstrate the archiving options when leveraging Lync Server 2013 Persistent Chat. This session includes notes from the field and tips & tricks on a successful deployment of the archiving feature.

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