Troubleshooting Lync-Skype Connectivity wiki page

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On website you can find website with information about problems with Lync-Skype connectivity.

You will find there information how to resolve common problems like:

  • A Lync user does not receive a contact request from a Skype user
  • A Lync user removes a Skype user, but the Skype user can still see Lync user’s presence and send IMs
  • When a Lync user calls a Skype user, the call sometimes fails
  • Office 365 Small Business customers have External communications turned on, but can’t connect to Skype users
  • Skype users signed in with a new Microsoft account notice a delay of several minutes in seeing the presence status of a newly-added Lync contact


You can find there answers on Lync-Skype connectivity problems, and peruse a bevy of tips, tricks, and workarounds for people who are having trouble getting connected.

All information are available here:

 Lync Online Wiki:Troubleshooting Lync-Skype Connectivity


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