TechEd NA 2013 Exchange 2013 Sessions on Channel9

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Just finished TechEd North America 2013, and already you can see through Channel9 sessions that took place there.


Below you can find almost all of Exchange 2013 sessions presented at TechEd North America 2013:

Understanding Compliance in Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Office


Bharat Suneja

Organizations are increasingly in need of solutions that help them to meet compliance requirements and protect information. Come learn about our overall Office-wide investments in Compliance in Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Excel, etc.

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Managed Availability


Ross Smith

In this session, learn about managed availability. With managed availability, internal monitoring and recovery-oriented features are tightly integrated to help prevent failures, proactively restore services, initiate server failovers automatically, or alert administrators to take action. The focus is on monitoring and managing the end user experience rather than just server and component uptime to help keep the service continuously available.

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Client Access Server Role


Greg Taylor

The Client Access server role has continued to develop with the advent of Exchange Server 2013. In this session we cover proxy and redirection in a mixed world of Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013, discuss how proxy health checks work, discuss load balancing, and more. If you’ve ever heard anyone describe CAS 2013 as ‘just a proxy’, or listened to people that dare to say ‘DAGs are all that matter’ then bring them along too and lead them into the light, after all, you know that without the CAS no-one can access their mailbox in 2013….

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 High Availability and Site Resilience


Scott Schnoll

Exchange Server 2013 offers many enhancements for redundancy, availability, and recovery. This session focuses on the improvements in the areas of storage, high availability, site resilience in Exchange Server 2013. It includes details on new storage features, enhancements to lagged database copies, the introduction and integration of managed availability, database availability group network enhancements, namespace changes, site resilience, and datacenter failovers.

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Sizing


Jeff Mealiffe

Exchange 2013 introduced some significant architectural changes from prior releases, and as a result, the process for sizing an on-premises deployment has changed as well. In this session, we review the performance impact of the 2013 architectural changes and major new features and discuss the recommended methodology for sizing.

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Transport Architecture

Ross SmithTechEdNA2013_6

Come learn about how the Transport Architecture works in the new Exchange. This session covers the new transport services of front end transport and mailbox, how delivery group mail routing works, and how to ensure your data is protected in transit with the new Exchange Server 2013 transport high availability features.

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Virtualization in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013


Jeff Mealiffe

While virtualization of Exchange Server 2013 is certainly supported, it may not be the right choice for every customer. In this session we discuss best practices for virtualizing Exchange 2013 as well as describe the impact of the 2013 architecture on the virtualization decision process. Additionally, support for various new features in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V are discussed in detail.

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Get Moving with Your Mailbox!


Kay Sellenrode

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is the latest and greatest version of Exchange server today and be honest, it certainly looks great. At one point you most likely want to migrate from an earlier version like Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013. Major difference in Exchange 2013, but what does it take to actually move? Autodiscover, Database Availability Group, (legacy) namespace, load balancing, hardware requirements and not to forget Public Folders are all items that you have to be aware of, and that have changed in Exchange Server 2013. In this demo-packed presentation, Jaap Wesselius, a six-year Exchange Server MVP veteran points out the major issues when moving from Exchange 2007/2010 to Exchange 2013. Still running on Exchange 2003? No sweat, we cover some of this migration as well. At the end of this presentation you should have a decent view on what it takes to move to Exchange Server 2013.

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 On-Premises Upgrade and Coexistence


Robert Gillies

Join us to learn about Exchange Server 2013 on-premises deployment and coexistence with Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 including planning best practices and feedback from customers who have already started their upgrades. Understand how Exchange Server 2013 architecture changes will enable more flexible network designs and what you need to know to start planning for your deployment and upgrade.

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Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Deployment and Migration on Your Terms


Neil Axelrod

Exchange & Office 365 provide a complete range of migration options to meet your environment and requirements. Come learn about the Exchange migration options available with Office 365. We will dive deep into the new Exchange 2013 hybrid configuration wizard – see it in action with demos and walkthroughs. We will look at the hybrid end-to-end including setup, migration, and management.

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Team Collaboration with Site Mailboxes


Alfons Staerk

This session discusses site mailboxes in the new Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Site mailboxes improve collaboration within a team by allowing access to both SharePoint documents and Exchange email through Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. We give an overview of how site mailboxes enhance user productivity and then dive into architectural design, implementation, and supportability considerations.

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Microsoft Exchange Archiving Policy: Move, Delete, or Hold


Dheepak Rmaswamy

This session cuts through the confusion around Exchange archiving policy scenarios. Learn about all of the MRM capabilities, as well as dive into options for In-Place Hold.


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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Tips & Tricks


Scott Schnoll

This session continues the now 20-year tradition of the Exchange Tips & Tricks series. This is the debut Tips & Tricks session for Exchange 2013, with all new and never before seen tips, tricks, and other useful information related to planning, setup, deployment, the new Exchange Administration Center, and more!

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Data Loss Prevention in Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook 2013


Jack Kabat

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) helps to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis. This session offers a deep dive into the internals of the new DLP capabilities in Exchange and Outlook 2013, how you can create and manage DLP policies, including customizations to help organizations understand and control the sensitive data flowing through their organization’s email.

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Modern Public Folders Overview, Migration and Microsoft Office 365


Siegfried Jagott

Public Folders in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 are not the same as in previous Exchange versions. Public Folders are now called Modern Public Folders. Come and learn about the architecture and features of modern public folders. We talk about the differences between classic and modern public folders, how you can migrate them and what you need to consider before migrating your existing public folders to Modern Public Folders. Public Folders are now supported in Office 365. Come and learn what you need to consider to move your existing Public folders to Exchange Online in Office 365. Also, we share some best practices learned from working for a very large enterprise with 1+ million Public Folders. Don’t miss this session if you plan your own Public Folder migration soon.

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More sessions from TechEd NA 2013 you can view here:

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