Outlook Calendar Checking Tool (CalCheck) new version

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Released a new version (1.3) Checking Tool Outlook Calendar – CalCheck.

This tool can be successfully used to validate the entries – each entry is checked, the power, accuracy of information publishing free / busy calendar and activities in Outlook.

Check it must be located on the Exchange Server 2003, 2007 or 2010.
The tool works with Microsoft Outlook 2003 – 2010.

Once installed, run cmd and type the appropriate command syntax CalCheck:

CalCheck [-P <Profil>] [-M <Mailbox name>] [-S <Server name>] [-O<path>] [-A] [-F] [-R] [-V] [-No]

-P Profile name (If this parameter is not specified, the tool prompts you for a profile)
-M Mailbox DN (If this parameter is specified, only process the mailbox that is specified)
-S Server name (Process the complete server unless a mailbox is specified)
-O Output path (path to place output files -default is the current directory)
-A All calendar items are output to CALCHECK.CSV
-F Create a CalCheck folder, and move flagged error items to the folder
-R Put a Report message that contains the CalCheck.log file in the Inbox
-V Verbose output to the Command Prompt window
-No To omit a calendar item test
The No parameter works with “org” to omit the “Attendee becomes Organizer” test and works with “dup” to omit duplicate item detection
-? Print this message

CalCheck is available at:

Outlook Calendar Checking Tool (CalCheck)

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