Microsoft Outlook search tips

When you want to find something in Microsoft Outlook you can use Search Bar.

To do this press Ctrl+E or just click in Search Bar.

The search bar in the new Microsoft Outlook 2013 allows us to select items in search:

  • current mailbox
  • current folder
  • subfolders
  • all mailboxes
  • all Outlook items


But in Microsoft Outlook you can use more options which will help you to find something.

You have to just write specified query in search box.
messagesize:>5mb – find all messages which size is more than 5MB.

subject:”some subject” – find all messages with subject some subject

also you can use logical operators like AND, NOT, OR, <, >, = to refine your search.
Remember: Logical operators must be typed in uppercase letters.

More examples of search criteria can be found below in table:

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