Office 365 Network Analysis Tool from Microsoft

Finally Microsoft released tool to check your internet connection for Office 365.

Long time ago we had but this tool has not been available for many months now.

But now we have new tool:

Office 365 Network Analysis Tool.

This tool is web-based and can check:

  • port connectivity
  • route paths between the client and tenant
  • bandwidth speed and capacity test
  • VoIP readiness


This tool can be found at:

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Lync Online new reports for your business

Micorosft Lync Online team released new three usage reports for Microsoft Lync Online.

They are integrated with Office 365, and you can find them in Admin Center, reports.

These reports shows usage of Lync Online services like below:

Active users – The number of users who have signed into Lync and took part in a P2P session or conference during a reporting period.




Total audio or video minutes - Total audio or video minutes during a reporting period

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