Exchange Server 2010 mass export mailboxes to pst file

Last time we wrote how to export mailbox from Exchange 2010 to pst file and import items from pst file to Exchange 2010 mailbox.

Exchange 2010 export import mailboxes

Now we will explain how to export few mailboxes at once from Exchange 2010.

When you want to export few mailboxes at once to .pst files you have to get aliases of those mailboxes and then run New-MailboxExportRequest in ForEach loop.

Below we present few examples how to export mailboxes with specified conditions:

To export mailboxes from specified mailbox database use:

ForEach ($mbx in (Get-Mailbox -Database DatabaseName)) {
 New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox $mbx -FilePath "\\server\share_pst\${$mbx.Alias).pst" 

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