Update Rollup 8 For Exchange 2010 SP3 – KB2986475 – Recalled

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Exchange team is announcing at 12/09/2014 the availability of Update Rollup 8 For Exchange 2010 SP3 (KB2986475)

When you install this update your system version will change to:

All informations about changes included in RU 8 for Exchange 2010 SP3 can be found here: KB2986475

Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2010 SP3 resolves the issues that are described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles:

  • 3004235 Exchange Server meetings in Russian time zones as well as names of time zones are incorrect after October 26, 2014
  • 3009132 Hybrid mailbox moves to on-premises environment but finishes with CompletedWithWarnings status
  • 3008999 IRM restrictions are applied to incorrectly formatted .docx, .pptx, or .xlsx files in an Exchange Server 2010 environment
  • 3008370 Group members are not sorted by display name when HAB is used with OAB in Exchange Server 2010
  • 3008308 Public folder database migration issue in a mixed Exchange Server environment
  • 3007794 Hub Transport server cannot deliver messages when a database fails over to a cross-site DAG in Exchange Server 2010
  • 3004521 An Exchange server loses its connection to domain controllers if a public folder server is down in Exchange Server 2010
  • 2999016 Unreadable characters when you import ANSI .pst files of Russian language by using the New-MailboxImportRequest cmdlet
  • 2995148 Changing distribution group takes a long time in an Exchange Server 2010 environment
  • 2992692 Retention policy is not applied to Information Rights Management protected voice mail messages in Exchange Server 2010
  • 2987982 Issues caused by ANSI mode in Exchange Server 2010
  • 2987104 Email message is sent by using the “Send As” instead of “Send on Behalf” permission in Exchange Server 2010
  • 2982017 Incorrect voice mail message duration in Exchange Server 2013 and Exchange Server 2010
  • 2977279 You cannot disable journaling for protected voice mail in Exchange Server 2013 and Exchange Server 2010


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4 Responses to Update Rollup 8 For Exchange 2010 SP3 – KB2986475 – Recalled

  1. Bernt Hagen says:

    Seems like MS has pulled this update from the download site?…..

    • Remigiusz Szatkowski says:

      Yes, an issue has been identified in the Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 8 and it has been recalled and is no longer available on the download center

  2. Susanne says:

    I get used to it :\

    – Reason for Revision: V2.0 (December 10, 2014): Revised bulletin
    to remove Download Center link for Microsoft security update
    2986475 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3 to
    address a known issue with the update. Microsoft is working
    to address the issue, and will update this bulletin when more
    information becomes available. Microsoft has removed update
    2986475 and recommends that customers uninstall update 2986475
    if they have already installed it.
    – Originally posted: December 9, 2014
    – Updated: December 10, 2014
    – Bulletin Severity Rating: Important
    – Version: 2.0

    • Remigiusz Szatkowski says:

      Sometimes it happens with new updates, and they always says, test it in Lab first before production :)

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