Windows 8.1 new Lync app

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Those of you who use Windows 8.1 can now get new Lync app.

If you have enabled windows update and you have installed before Lync app, then now you probably have new version of this app.

Also we would like to remaind you that Windows 8.1 Preview can be used till January of 2014.

With new Lync app for Windows 8.1 you will get new features:

  • Take control of shared screens or apps    During a Lync Meeting with app sharing or screen sharing, take control of the sharing started by someone else in the meeting.
  • Run Lync side-by-side with another app at any window size     Use apps side-by-side when you need to reference another app or website while using Lync. You aren’t limited to the old 320 pixel snapped size; you can make the Lync window any size you want.
  • Answer audio and video calls on the lock screen     Answer audio and video calls quickly when your device is locked, without having to unlock it.
  • Mute and Control Call Volume from inside Lync     Mute the speakers or control the volume of your call from the conversation window without affecting your Windows speaker volume.
  • In-app contact search     Find your contacts faster, with a simple, in-app contact search.
  • Sign in reliably    This update includes a number of improvements to the sign in experience so that you can more easily connect and stay connected.


More informations you can find here: Lync Team Blog


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