Exchange DAG check status using powershell

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When we want to check DAG (Database Availability Groups) status we should use two below powershell CMDlet’s:


Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus will check and show status of all mailbox databases in all the DAG’s in Microsoft Exchange environment.

Test-ReplicationHealth check all aspects of replication and replay, or to provide status for a specific Mailbox server in a database availability group (DAG).

To check copy status of all mailbox databases we should use:

(Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup) | ForEach {$_.Servers | ForEach {Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Server $_}}


As a result we will get mailbox databases copy status, CopyQueueLength, ReplayQueueLength, LastInspectedLogTime and ContentIndexState.

If ContentIndexState is Failed then we need to run Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy for those mailbox database like below:

Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy "Database\Server02" -CatalogOnly


Next we can run test for all servers in DAG like below:

(Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup) | ForEach {$_.Servers | ForEach {Test-ReplicationHealth -Server $_}}


As a result we will receive server name, name of test (Check) and result of test. All results should be Passed.





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