Exchange 2010 mobile device wipe with confirmation

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When you want to wipe mobile device in Microsoft Exchange 2010 you can use Exchange Management Consoleth.


In Exchange Management Console, find mailbox, right click on mailbox and select Manage Mobile Phone. In new window select mobile device and select Perform a remote wipe to clear mobile phone data and click Clear


But in this case we won’t get any information when wipe operation will be complete.

When we want to get confirmation when wipe opeartion will finish, we have to use Exchange Management Shell (EMS).


So, run Exchange Management Shell, and write below command:

Get-ActiveSyncDevice -Mailbox JSmith | select name




You will get all names of mobile devices connected to JSmith mailbox.

Now when you know name of mobile device to wipe, you have to use:

Clear-ActiveSyncDevice -Identity Name -NotificationEmailAddresses

Where Name is the name of mobile device which we want to wipe, and we get this name from Get-ActiveSyncDevice

We also need to use NotificationEmailAddresses to receive email with confirmation when mobile device wipe is completed.

When you want to wipe all mobile devices connected to mailbox you have to use both commands Get-ActiveSyncDevice and Clear-ActiveSyncDevice like below:

Get-ActiveSyncDevice -Mailbox JSmith | Clear-ActiveSyncDevice -NotificationEmailAddresses




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