Search-Mailbox delete emails sent to Distribution Group

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When someone will send email to wrong distribution group you can easly delete this email using Search-Mailbox CMDlet.

All you need it’s to get distribution group members and run for each of them search-mailbox.

Below you can find example how to remove email sent to distribution group Important_DL     with subject Confidential Report.

Get-DistributiongroupMember Important_DL | Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery subject:"Confidential Report" -DeleteContent -Force:$TRUE


Above command will delete email with subject Confidential Report from users mailboxes which are members of Important_DL distribution group.

You can also use others attribute to define email properties to delete.

Below you can find more properties which you can use:

Property Example
Attachments attachment:annualreport.pptx
Cc cc:paul
From from:bharat
Sent sent:yesterday
Subject Subject:”patent filing”
To to:”ben Smith” “”
Body Financial Report


To remove email sent with subject “Report” with attachment you can use:

Get-DistributiongroupMember Important_DL | Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery 'attachment:"" and subject:Report' -DeleteContent -Force:$TRUE



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