Oultook 2010 Autocomplete problem

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Very often we meet with Microsoft Outlook autocomplete problem.

In previous versions of Outlook like 2007, autocomplete file was stored in .nk2 file in user profilename.

Outlook 2010 doesn’t use the .nk2 file anymore for maintaining your nickname cache.

With Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2010, autocomplete cache is stored with user mailbox in a hidden message.
This lets the cache roam with your Exchange mailbox so that you have to access to your cache on any client you use to access your mailbox.


But sometimes Microsoft Outlook 2010 autocomplete doesn’t work.


Fix Microsoft Outlook 2010 Autocomplete function:

You can try to fix problem following the below steps:

First if you don’t want to lose your suggested contacts, export them from Outlook to some folder on your computer.

Open Outlook, go to:

File –> Options –> Mail –> Send Messages

and check option Use Auto-Complete List to suggest names it should be selected.

Close Microsoft Outlook

Go to:


find all files with Autocomplete name and move them to different folder

Run Microsoft Outlook and check Autocomplete emails.

If it’s still not working again close Outlook and go to:


again find all files with Autocomplete name and move them to different folder, next run Outlook commandline switch in Windows Run bar like below:

outlook.exe /cleanautocompletecache


Run Microsoft Outlook and check autocomplete.

If it’s still not working, once again move all Autocomplete files from user profile.

In Outlook uncheck option Use Auto-Complete List to suggest names

Close Outlook, and open it again, then check option Use Auto-Complete List to suggest names

Close Outlook and restart it again.

Create new message type email and send, restart Outlook again, create new message and check autocomplete function for email address which you send before.

More Outlook command line switches can be found here:

Outlook command-line switches


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2 Responses to Oultook 2010 Autocomplete problem

  1. Clynn Lee says:

    You are saying in this article to”Find all files with Autocomplete name and move them to different folder”, but you are not saying when to move them back into this folder. Do they need to be moved back into RoamCache folder?

    • Remigiusz Szatkowski says:

      You should copy autocomplete files because sometimes you can need them to get email addresses.
      You don’t need to move them back to RoamCache folder.
      Outlook should create new autocomplete files

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