GUI Message Tracking Log script to search messages

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If anyone reads often the Message-Tracking Logs with PowerShell or Command Message Tracking tool, you may be interested in the script that has recently appeared on TechNet.

The script is written in PowerShell but have graphical GUI overlay.

With the script, we are able to search for specific messages to all servers with the role of HT, and not just one in a given search.

We can identify the sender, recipient, date range to search and EventID.

Of course what we find depends on how we set up saving the logs, how long they are kept.

The script can be downloaded here:

MessageTrackingLog search over all HUB Servers GUI


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2 Responses to GUI Message Tracking Log script to search messages

  1. Manohar says:


    We need to add the subject as well export in the exiting script.

    Please suggest, how do i crate the textbox i this script

    • Remigiusz Szatkowski says:

      This script for GUI Message Tracking is written by Stefan van der Zyl. You can ask him how to add another text field to write subject. I think it’s possible but I don’t want to modify script which is not my.

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