Multi-Mailbox Search change in licensing

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Soon Microsoft will update information about licensing Microsoft Exchange 2010.

In view of the considerable interest and use by organizations, the Multi-Mailbox Search Microsoft has decided to change the licensing function.
To date, this function required a license the Enterprise CAL for each mailbox, which was to be included in searches, not long, but this has changed and this box will require only a standard CAL license.

Multi-Mailbox Search uses the indexes created by the Exchange Search service, allowing you to easily search multiple mailboxes at once in the whole Exchange 2010 organization.
E-mails can be searched as well as other types of messages by keyword. Search results are sent to Discovery Mailbox box, which at the end of the search box or selection box, you create a subfolder in the inbox with a name search. In this folder you will find all messages that meet the search criteria. Search results can be viewed or export them.
An important advantage of the Multi-Mailbox Search is that the search box when searching a folder containing the e-mails that were deleted by the users of the deleted items (RECOVERABLE Items folder).

For a user or administrator can browse mailboxes, they must belong to the group of roles (RBAC) Discovery Management

Information about licensing Microsoft Exchange 2010 can be found: Exchange server licensing…

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