White Space Viewer GUI

On the telnetport25.com website we can find utility that can show us in graphical mode information on the amount of whitespace available to the Exchange databases.

Whitespace – is the amount of available free space in the Exchange database. Edb, which can be used by the mailbox located at the base will be enlarged until the entire database file. Edb mailboxes because of the increase.

So if we remove the mailbox at the base or deleted emails are in the database after a specified period is defined in the settings of the Exchange database, the deleted data is permanently deleted from the database or file. Edb. Unfortunately, the. Edb itself is not reduced only retains its size, such as he had, and will appear in the free space (whitespace), which will first be used to create new mailboxes in the database or from growing the current boxes. This allows the database file itself. EDB will increase its size until the database is available space whitespace.

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