Microsoft Outlook 2013 change .ost location


How to change location of the .ost file in Outlook 2013:

When  you want to change location of .ost file in Microsoft Outlook 2013 you can use following two methods:

1. Change .ost file path by creating new Outlook Profile

Open Control Panel, find and choose Mail or Mail (Microsoft Outlook 15)

In Mail Window click Add


Write new Profile Name:


Choose OK, Outlook should find your mail account.

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Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

Microsoft has announced that on 07.16.2012 is the day of official release a new beta of Microsoft Office 2013. On this day also will be held at the Microsoft conference will present the details and news that appear in Office 2013.

On this occasion it was the Office Next blog devoted to the new Microsoft Office 2013
You can find it at this address: