Exchange 2010 mailbox move history


Before we explain how to get mailbox move history, first we will explain how to move mailbox between mailbox databases in Microsoft Exchange 2010.


Exchange 2010 move mailbox:

To move mailbox between two mailbox databases in Exchange 2010 we can use:

  • EMC – Exchange Management Console
  • EMS – Exchange Management Shell

EMC Exchange Management Console

To move mailbox from one database to another one, we need to open EMC, find mailbox which we want to move and then right click on it and select New Local Move Request

Next we have to select target mailbox database and choose how many bad items can be skipped during this move.

I think this move is quite simple in EMC.

EMS Exchange Management Shell

We prefer to use EMS to move any mailbox, a specially when you need to move few mailboxes. CMDlets which can be used to move mailbox you can easly use in Powershell script.

You need to have RBAC permission to move mailboxes.

Below you can find CMDlets which you can use to move mailbox, monitor mailbox move, suspend, resume, and also needed RBAC permissions:

CMDlet Required RBAC permission
  Management role Role group membership
New-MoveRequest Move Mailboxes Recipient Management
Get-MoveRequest Move Mailboxes, View-Only Recipients  
Get-MoveRequestStatistics Move Mailboxes, View-Only Recipients Recipient Mangement
Set-MoveRequest Move Mailboxes Recipient Management
Suspend-MoveRequest Move Mailboxes Recipient Management
Resume-MoveRequest Move Mailboxes Recipient Management
Remove-MoveRequest Move Mailboxes Recipient Management
Get-MailboxStatistics Mail Recipients, Users Options, View-Only Recipients Recipient Management

To move mailbox you need to create move request like below:

New-MoveRequest -identity "John Smith" -TargetDatabase "MXDB03"

Above command will create move request to move John Smith to mailbox database MXDB03

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