Find Exchange mailboxes with the same manager

In previous post we described how to remove Team Calendar from Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013

Remove Team Calendar from Outlook



We wrote that team calendars are created from properties of user account in Active Directory, where you can select Manager for any AD account.

When you have the same manager as other AD account (user), you will see in Outlook Team Calendar with users who have the same manager as you.

If you don’t have to remove Outlook Team Calendar, you can check for mailboxes with same manager, and clean them if it’s wrong manager.

Below we present how to find mailboxes and mailboxes manager.


To find mailboxes with the same manager John VIP, you can use below command.
As a result you will get all mailboxes having John VIP as a manager.

Run this command in Exchange Management Shell:

Get-User -ResultSize unlimited | where {$ -eq "John VIP"} | select name, recipienttype, RecipientTypeDetails

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