Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery

In Microsoft Exchange Server environment without CCR cluster or DAG yours databases are not protected enough.
During Exchange Server damage you can lost your databases or those databases can be corrupted after damage.

To recover corrupted database you can try to use Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery.

Below we present product review:



There is always some room for unpredictable behavior when it comes down to managing MS Exchange Server databases. The primary goal of managing these databases is ensuring database availability so that users can get what is required in a timely fashion. Surprisingly, you have to deal with the reality that corruption may creep in your system anytime and disrupt the services for an invariable length of time. Stellar Phoenix Exchange Mailbox Recovery comes in handy at the same time providing you a simple solution to repair the corrupt Exchange databases and ensure continuous uptime of Exchange data. The software helps Exchange administrators handle the most serious scenarios of database corruption and resume normal activity in no time.

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