Exchange 2010 list activesync Apple devices


Few days ago, we wrote about problems with Apple mobile devices updated to iOS6, and also we wrote how to check mobile devices connected to mailboxes in Exchange 2010.
Below you can find link to last post:

Exchange 2010 ActiveSync Devices list


Now because lot of people have problems with mobile devices with iOS6 connected to mailboxes on Exchange 2010, we want to show you how you can get check how many mobile devices are connected to mailboxes in your Exchange 2010 environment.

To get list of all mobile devices connected to mailbox JSmith use below command:

Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox JSmith | ft DeviceType, DeviceUserAgent, LastSuccessSync


Now we need to get all mailboxes from MB01 server and get list of all mobile devices which were used to connect to those mailboxes.
To do this we need to use both command:  Get-Mailbox and Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics

If we want to get all mailboxes from MB01 server:

$MBXs = Get-Mailbox -server MB01 -RecipientTypeDetails UserMailbox –ResultSize Unlimited -Filter {HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled -eq $false}


Now we need to check mobile devices:

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IOS6 and Exchange meeting hijacking – calendar issues


Few days ago, when Apple released iOS6 we informed you about IOS6 and Exchange problems:
Exchange ActiveSync problems after upgrading IPhone or IPad to iOS6

After recent release of iOS6 Microsoft noticed increased support calls due to meetings having the owner of the meeting changed – meeting “hijacking”.
Most instances reported to Microsoft to date involve users with delegates who first open a meeting request in Outlook and then act on that same meeting in iOS.

iOS6 take ownership of meetings

Microsoft discussed this issue with Apple and will let as know when problem will be resolved.

Right now Microsoft has soem recommendations to offer a few migitation options:

  • Tell users not to take action on calendars on iOS We’re not seeing this particular issue if users don’t take action on their calendar items (for example, accept, delete or change meetings).
  • Switch iOS users to POP3/IMAP4 Another option is to switch users over to POP/IMAP connections. This will remove calendar and contacts functionality while allowing users to still use email (though the email may shift to pull from push while using these protocols) Continue reading