Exchange 2010 get Mailbox Permissions


Exchange 2010 MailboxPermission

Last time we explained how to add permissions to mailbox or mailbox folder in Microsoft Exchange 2010.

But what if we need to check users permissions for mailboxes ?

To check permissions assigned to mailbox we need to use Get-MailboxPermission CMDlet.

But if we run:

Get-MailboxPermission JSmith

we will get list of all permissions including owner and inherited permissions

W can filter permissions by adding where with specified options like below, where we don’t want to get owners permissions and inherited permissions in output list:

Get-MailboxPermission JSmith | where {$_.user.ToString() -ne "NT AUTHORITY\SELF" -and $_.IsInherited -eq $false}


If we need to check all mailboxes on server MX01 we need to add Get-Mailbox and pipline output to Get-MailboxPermission like below:

Get-Mailbox -server MX01 -ResutlSize Unlimited | Get-MailboxPermission JSmith | where {$_.user.ToString() -ne "NT AUTHORITY\SELF" -and $_.IsInherited -eq $false}


To check only Send-As permissions we can run following command:

Get-Mailbox -server MX01 -ResultSize Unlimited | Get-ADPermission | where {($_.ExtendedRights -like “*Send-As*”) -and ($_.IsInherited -eq $false) -and -not ($_.User.ToString() -like “NT AUTHORITY\SELF”)}


But if we want to list permissions to mailbox folder we have to use Get-MailboxFolderPermission CMDlet and choose folder to check.

This example will check permissions to JSmith mailbox calendar folder:

Get-MailboxFolderPermission –identity “JSmith*:\Calendar”