Exchange 2013 Powershell EMS

In Microsoft Exchange 2013 Preview, PowerShell still plays an important role.
In new edition PowerShell for Exchange 2013 is based on PowerShell v3 and Management Framework 3.0 and in addition it has been enhanced with new cmdlets.
Even in Microsoft Exchange 2010 PowerShell allow administrators to perform many complicated things that were not available in the graphics console EMC. That allows us to create scripts to facilitate the daily administrative work.

By using PowerShell version 3.0 the new Exchange server support gained by using the commands on the functionality and simplicity.
For version 2.0 to search a box for a particular look like this:

 Get-Mailbox | Where {$_.Name –like “*smith*”}

now in PowerShell version 3.0 it looks:

Get-Mailbox | where name –like “*smith*”


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