Disable Outlook Mailbox Auto-Mapping

When Microsoft released Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 we’ve discovered new feature that allows Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2007 clients to automatically map mailbox to which a user has Full Access permission.

So if we add user Full Access permission to 10 mailboxes, he will all 10 mailboxes in his Outlook because these mailboxes will be automatically mapped in Outlook.

In Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 there was no option to turn this “great” feature off.

But when we get Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 we can use Exchange Management Shell (Exchange Powershell) to disable this feature.

When we use Exchange Management Console to add user Full Mailbox Permission to other mailbox, this mailbox will be loaded to user Outlook.


If we want to add user Full Mailbox Permission but we don’t want automap this mailbox to Microsoft Outlook we have to use powershell:

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