Search-Mailbox kind Advanced Query Syntax AQS


While you are using Search-Mailbox to find, delete or to copy items from mailbox you can use Advanced Query Syntax parameter to define what kind of items you are looking for.

Advanced Query Syntax  helps users to better define and narrow their searches.

Following AQS parameters we can use to narrow search:

  • File kinds: folders, documents, presentations, pictures and so on.
  • File stores: specific databases and locations.
  • File properties: size, date, title and so on.
  • File contents: keywords like “project deliverables,” “AQS,” “blue suede shoes,” and so on.


For Exchange Search-Mailbox CMDlet we can easily use following parameters from File kinds:

File Type:   Example 
 Contacts kind:contacts
 E-mail kind:email
 Instant Messenger conversations kind:im
 Meetings kind:meetings
 Tasks kind:tasks
 Notes kind:notes

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