Exchange 2010 get version number, build number

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With every release of Rollup Update for Microsoft Exchange we are trying to get to know what Microsoft Exchange version we use.

When you check Microsoft Support Website Determine Exchange Version you will find out that there are two ways to get Microsoft Exchange version and build version.


Get Exchange 2007, 2010 version using Exchange Management Console:

  1. Start the Microsoft Exchange Management console.
  2. In the navigation pane, expand the Server Configuration objects until you locate the server object, and then select the server object.
  3. On the right side, notice the Exchange version number.



Get Exchange 2007, 2010 version using Exchange Management Shell command:

  1. Start the Microsoft Exchange Management shell.
  2. Run the following command at the command line:


Get-ExchangeServer | select name, AdminDisplayVersion, ExchangeVersion



Unfortunatelly using both of those methods we won’t get correct Exchange 2010, 2007 version.



How to get correct Exchange 2010, 2007 version, build number 

To get correct build number of Exchange 2010 server we have to check the file version of ExSetup.exe in the BIN folder:

C:\Program Files\MicrosoftExchange Server\V14\bin\ExSetup.exe


To do this we can use Windows Explorer, select ExSetup.exe file and then choose Properties and select tab Details.

But we think that the best solution is to use Exchange Management Shell with command like below:

GCM exsetup |%{$_.FileVersionInfo}

We will receive ProductVersion, FileVersion and FilePath like below:


Now we know our Exchange 2010 Server version and we can check product version on website:

Microsoft Exchange 2010 version numbers, build numbers


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